Overseas expansion Consulting firm Nihon Power Link Co., Ltd., TOKYO JAPAN |Concept



COMPANY We observe laws and ordinances as a social member and aim at the company which it is respected, and is trusted.By the growth of a visitor and the client, I do society wealthily.

We, as a member of society, will aim to be a company that shall abide by the law, to be respected, and be trusted. By the growth of business partners and customers, we will aim at enriching the world.

HUMAN I take good care of person which is the origin of the trading company

We will have a high regard for PERSON as the origin of trading and consulting firm.

LINKI work on work by strong teamwork.

We shall be committed to our work in close coordination.

NICHE I treat the quotient materials who is a niche and am specialized in the market which is a niche. I challenge possibility of the business opportunity. 

We shall concentrate in handling niche items and niche market to look for business opportunity.

PROFITThe company can work on contribution to society by raising profit. Therefore at first I put my heart and soul into raising profit. 

We shall aim at gaining profit to use the profit for contributing to our society.