We, Nihon Power Link Co., Ltd., as a consultant, can support your company to expand overseas market especially Myanmar, Philippines and Djibouti. Exporting used construction machinery and its parts to overseas market.|Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Address 10-2, Hatchobori 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0032, Japan.
Managing Director Katsumi Sato
Phone No. 81-3-6280-2366
FAX No. 81-3-6280-2367
Email info@nplink.co.jp
Founding date 22nd May, 1998
Capital Japanese Yen10,000,000.-
  • Construction machinery and spare parts including Shield machine and Semi-shield machine
  • Car parking building
  • Used ship
  • Environmental concerns equipment and plant machinery
  • Used medical equipment
  • Agent for producing 3DCG
    *And their related consulting service
Myanmar, Philipines,Taiwan,Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.
Middle East:
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan.
Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Angola, Kenya, Ghana
Russia CIS:
Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan
South America:
Paraguay, Chile, Brazil

From Managing Director


When I worked for Kanematsu-Gosho Ltd., (presently Kanematsu Corporation), I spent nearly half of the times in overseas including three assignment abroad. After retiring the company, I established Nihon Power Link Co., Ltd. and visited more than 50 countries as business trip. As a result, I am acutely to realize with heartfelt thanks for history, tradition and culture of Japan, diligence and seriousness of our people that can be mutual trusted with honesty. I also observe that various technology and know how to help the world has been accumulated in this country and I have been concentrating to supplying this technology and know how to other countries mainly developing nations to contribute to developing the nations. Actual sample are mentioned as above. I am looking forward to receiving your continuous cooperation and support. 

Profile of Mr. Katsumi Sato, our Managing Director

Graduated from Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University and joined Kanematsu-Gosho Ltd., Tokyo Head Quarter.
Assigned as Representative of Riyadh Office (for 3 years)
Assigned as Representative of Manila Branch (for 5.5 years)
Assigned as Representative of Yangon Office (for 3 years)
Established Nihon Power Link Co., Ltd., and have been engaging in exporting machinery up to now.